Is JavaScript the Programming Language of the Future?

JavaScript is one of easiest results-oriented programming language for web developing As you all know JavaScript is one of easiest results-oriented programming language for web buildings. The language can do makes processing and also calculation of data. Actually It also helps you for adding the visual effects on screen. JS …

Top Programming Languages of 2016

Top Programming Languages of September 2016 Here is the list of top programming languages by TIOBE index. It is well known website to know about the ranking of the top programming languages of the month . The TIOBE Programming Community index is an indicator of the popularity of programming languages. …

What is the most dangerous piece of code ever written? Quora

Most dangerous piece of code ever written

Every one has its own think but the most considered is the Heartbleed bug, Many experts consider that most easily and most dangerous piece of code is the “Null reference”. For non-coder, null allows values are nothing instead of 0;


Yes a value of Null can go uncharted when any software is being written. that is the time when most of the tests are being run to assure that code is free from bugs. When the NULL breaks things, it’ll commonly happen when mostly the code is running and actually this is the time when failure can cause anarchy. Just think yourself of how many machines depends on computers. People were overreact about the Y2K bug, but that was just only a ever going to mayhem up computers that payed attention to about which year it was. Actually exceptions around Null concern all the computers, as this has increased rapidly to every attractive programming language.

A 2002 study estimated that software bugs cost just the USA $59.5 billion annually:NIST Assesses Technical Ne eds of Industry to Improve Software-Testing

Google fonts Update – SOME GOOD FONTS OF 2016

Oh Yeah! Google just updated their website for Google fonts!  You can type in the text boxes now and try out the fonts live! No need to download anymore. For a good web designer, beautiful typography is as essential as a good design. Sometimes, a good font is all you need to deliver …