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Assembly #03 – Getting the right tools

In this tutorial we will download the right tools required for programming in Assembly language. We will need 2 tools: Visual Studio (any version) KIP Irvine Library KIP Irvine’s library: We will use this library because it

What is SEO & How Search Engines work?

What is SEO? SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a way of optimizing your webpages so that it can target more queries from Search Engines. SEO is to optimize pages for search engines and how we can get

5 tips for becoming a better programmer

Programming is all about breaking a problem into parts and then solving each part 1 by 1. It requires your intellectual mind and skills to solve problems. 

Assembly #2 – What are Registers?

In this tutorial we will learn What are registers? Size of registers and their subdivisions

Assembly #1 – What is Assembly language?

Today we start a new tutorials series on Assembly language programming. In this series we will learn What is Assembly language? The flow of language processing Why learn Assembly language?

C# – Encapsulation

Encapsulation: Encapsulation in a nutshell is “hiding the data“. It restricts direct access to data of an object. Encapsulation can be applied to data members or methods. It is done by putting the “private” keyword before the class

C# – Intro to Object Oriented Programming

This is the very first tutorial for Object Oriented Programming in C#. In this video we will learn what are Objects? And what is the theory behind Object Oriented Programming? Object Oriented Programming is a way to