Friday , October 18 2019

Rust Installation in Windows

In this article, you can see the installation process of rust compiler in Windows.

Step 01: download the file SETUP.exe from below mention link.

Step 02: download the C++ build tools from below mention link.

Step 03: download the Visual Code from below mention link.

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  1. Avatar

    I install everything but one issue that how we create 3 files in RUST How cmd work for these files (rustc

  2. Avatar

    sir it it showing that cargo.toml cannot be found in any parent directory on running any cargo command what should i do?

  3. Avatar

    1) fatal error during installation
    2) User cancel installanation

  4. Faheem

    W.salam dear, Please verify that your build tools are correctly installed.

  5. Avatar
    Syed saad ul Hassan

    i just installed using your procedure but sir jese he end me i type , it displays the following erroe message ” update#setState idle ” and visual studio code opens in return to that. I have followed each and every step but still facing that issue. thankyou

  6. Avatar
    syed mohaib pasha

    things really works (Y) 🙂 Excellent piece of work 🙂

  7. Faheem

    W.Salam ager nhi just setup.exe install kar ley. After installation cmd(Command Prompt) “rustup” karey. Ager command not found ajayee to install nhi howa warna ager list show ho jis me kafi commands ho tu Rust install hogaya hai.

  8. Avatar

    Phele se agr install ho visual studio tu phr Kia karenge kyun k wo agy tu barh nahi Raha ..
    Cancel karne keh Raha hai .

  9. Avatar

    Faheem you are the best in explaining the things.

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