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An adaptable and responsible Software Engineer, who enjoys working with computers and the opportunity to learn new skills and work with new technologies is particularly attractive to me.

SQL Server: 01 – Introduction of SQL Server

Introduction of SQL Server

Introduction of SQL Server Data and Database: Data means information and it is the most important component in any work that is done. A Database is a collection of data. Some like to think of a database as an organized mechanism that has the compatibility of storing information Data Management …

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C #10 – Nested Loops in C Language

Nested Loops in C Language

  Nested Loops in C Language C programming allows to use one loop inside another loop. The following section shows a few examples to illustrate the concept. Syntax The syntax for a nested for loop statement in C is as follows − for ( init; condition; increment ) { for …

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JAVA #30 – Frist GUI Application In Java

// Project Name FirstGUIApp and JFrame Form Name frmMain /* * To change this license header, choose License Headers in Project Properties. * To change this template file, choose Tools | Templates * and open the template in the editor. */ package firstguiapp; import javax.swing.JOptionPane; /** * * @author faheem …

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C #10 – Do-While Loop in C Language

Do-While Loop Unlike for and while loops, which test the loop condition at the top of the loop, the do…while loop in C programming checks its condition at the bottom of the loop. A do…while loop is similar to a while loop, except the fact that it is guaranteed to …

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C #09 – While Loop in C Language

While Loop in C Language A while loop statement in C programming language repeatedly executes a target statement as long as a given condition is true.(Non-Specific End point). Syntax: The syntax of a while loop in C programming language is: initialization while(condition) { statement(s); increment/decrement. } void main() { int …

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JAVA #29 – Introduction of GUI in Java

Introduction to Java GUI Types of Desktop GUI in Java: AWT Swings   Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) is a set of application program interfaces ( API s) used by Java programmers to create graphical user interface ( GUI ) objects, such as buttons, scroll bars, and windows.AWT is part of the Java Foundation Classes ( JFC …

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C #08 – Loops and For Loop in C Language

  Loop in C Language A loop statement allows us to execute a statement or group of statements multiple times and following is the general form of a loop statement in most of the programming languages: C programming language provides the following types of loop to handle looping requirements. For …

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