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Waleed Baig

I am doing BS Computer Science. I have a passion to learn new technology and spread it. I am more enthusiastic about learning complex algorithm and making creative and efficient solution to a problem.

C# – Learning some .NET Methods (Maths, Split)

In this lesson we will learn more about Methods. We will learn how to use some maths methods like Sin, Cos, Tan, Round, Pow and Sqrt. We will also learn how to split string in C#.Topics covered: Topics covered: Maths functions: Sin(), Cos(), Tan(), Round(), Pow(), Sqrt() string Split() static void …

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Phoneblocks: A modular phone

Phoneblocks: A modular phone It all started when someone’s camera broke down and there were no means to fix it. Dave Hakkens started thinking about how consumer electronics could be designed in a way that would make them easier to repair and easy to upgrade.  For example, your mobile’s camera not …

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C# 09 – Learning methods

In this tutorial we will learn What are methods? and How to create a method in C# programming language? Methods Methods are a way of beautifying your coding style. It allows you to write code once, and use it again and again. It can reduce your 18 lines of execution …

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C# – More on arrays, loops and conditionals (Part 2)

  This is the 2nd part of: More about arrays, loops and conditionals (Part 1) Part 2: Code for 3 x 3 matrix application: Put this below static void main() int[,] matrix = new int[3, 3] { {1,3,5}, {6,7,8}, {9,6,3} }; for (int i = 0; i < matrix.GetLength(0); i++) { for …

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C# – More on arrays, loops and conditionals (Part 1)

In this video we will revise what we have learned in our past videos. Making variables Taking inputs Loops Arrays Conditionals and switch cases We will use these to achieve 2 tasks: Calculator 3 x 3 matrix using 2D arrays. I have broken the video in 2 parts to not …

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C# – Conditionals ( if-else, else-if and switch cases)

In this lesson, we will learn about using if-else, else-if and switch cases. We will learn who to make logics that if something happens, do that…other wise do something else.    

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C# – Loops

C# – Loops by onlineteachinghub In this video we will learn about 4 kinds of loops in C#: For loop: Used to repeat actions until a limit is met for(initialize; limit; increment){ // Do action here } While loop: Used to repeat action until a condition is met while( condition ){ …

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